About Us

CareLine UK is committed to the needs of the children and young people. Consultations with young people are used effectively to ensure that their care is effective and meets standards to improve the outcomes for young people. Our care is tailor made to suit the needs of the young person taking into account behaviour management, management of risk and its reduction, Physical and emotional health working with other agencies and health care professionals. Also any educational needs and safeguarding issues.

We will do our utmost to ensure that young people have positive experiences whilst in our care, we promote personal achievement and understand that their life chances may have been affected by their circumstances all this is taken into consideration when planning their care.

The Principles of CareLine UK ltd

CareLine assist young people to live a normal life as much as this is possible andto ensure all young people will be treated as individuals. We also ensure all young peoples needs are met by consulting them to ascertain what they need from the service we provide and that their views are listened to.Safeguarding young people from anything or anyone who would wish to cause them harm

The Values of CareLine UK Ltd

CareLine provide quality care whilst giving value for money We always act with honesty, integrity and the utmost regard and respect for the young people we look after. CareLine recognise that all young people are individuals and that they all have valid contributions to make and this should be encouraged. CareLine ensure all staff are well trained and motivated to provide the best care possible for all of the young people we look after regardless of race, gender, colour or religious beliefs

The Aims of CareLine UK Ltd

CareLine endeavour to enable all young people to achieve their goals especially the vulnerable. To allow and enable young people to learn and grow to reach their full potential we ensure that young people are protected, safe and free from harm, to endeavour to respond positively to the young people's ever changing needs

Personnel at CareLine UK ltd

Our team have over 20 years experience and staff encourage young people to become involved in decision making and the day to day running of the home. We will encourage young people to become involved in recruitment of new staff including interviewing them. There will be weekly house meetings where young people can voice their opinions on such things as the meals that are chosen, decorating the home or wanting new items for the home or even how the programmes on the T.V. Are chosen. Young people can discuss any complaints or even compliments they have, these topics can also be discussed in one to one sessions with your key worker or discussions with other staff.

    • Emergency admissions
    • Planned admissions
    • Short to long stay
    • Siblings